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Tag: Janis Kravis Architect

Throwback Thursday Part 25: Karelia Studio Takes Flight

August 31st, 2016Categories: History

Yes, There was a Karelia Travel. A few of you may recall that for a brief time during the 1970’s we explored the area of travel. We even made a few trips to exotic locales (more to follow about those adventures)   We were keen to expand Karelia the brand and as such, the travel […]

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Throwback Thursday Part 24: Karelia Goes Sailing

June 16th, 2016Categories: History

Yes, there was a sailing ship. A Soling KC 13 called Karelia. We sailed it on Lake Ontario and participated in the Canadian Olympic Regatta Kingston. At one time there were sixty Solings on the starting line. The Soling is a twenty-eight foot, three man, Olympic Class keel-boat, made by Abbott Boatworks in Canada. –Janis […]

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Flashback Friday Part 22: Condos for the Birds

April 15th, 2016Categories: History

The Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) asked a number of prominent Toronto architects to design and build birdhouses which were to be auctioned off as fundraisers for the museum. I was also included in this distinguished group. My father, a Latvian architect and master builder crafted the birdhouse apartment. –Janis Kravis, Architect

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Throwback Thursday Part 21: Ingo Maurer, Genius in Lighting Design

April 7th, 2016Categories: Culture, History

In my opinion Ingo Maurer is a genius. He has pioneered many lighting concepts and designed some truly innovative and beautiful light sources. At one point we had a close working relationship with him and carried many of his designs. He came to visit and I think Helga served him her Peking Duck, which she […]

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Throwback Thursday Part 20: Art by The Yard in Toronto Subways

March 31st, 2016Categories: History

    We created a very successful advertising campaign, by taking actual marimekko fabric, mounting it and placing posters in subway cars near the exits.   –Janis Kravis      

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Throwback Thursday Part 19: Karelia Alphabet and Logo

March 24th, 2016Categories: History

    Malcolm Waddell, graphic designer, who was working in my design office, developed our unique typeface, which also became our logo. It was designed in the late sixties and early seventies and is still successful today. Another variation is illustrated below. – Janis kravis, Architect

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Throwback Thursday Part 18: Karelia Creates a Proprietary Product

March 10th, 2016Categories: Culture, History

One day, I noticed a white, plastic food container and had a bright idea. I found out who was making it and convinced Rubbermaid to make it for Karelia in a variety of bright colours. Since it was an industrial product, the price was right. We had to order large quantities in two sizes and […]

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Throwback Thursday Part 17: Karelia Launches a Series of Posters

March 3rd, 2016Categories: Culture, History

I believe it was in the early seventies that Karelia launched a series of posters. They were conceived and designed in-house by Malcolm Waddell.   – Janis Kravis, Architect  

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Throwback Thursday Part 16: Karelia Coffee Shop at Front Street location

February 25th, 2016Categories: History

For a number of years Karelia operated a coffee shop within the Front Street location. Helga Kravis was the person in charge and I helped with shopping and pickup and preparation. We used to fry the mushrooms the night before at our home, for the Liver and Mushroom sandwiches. Each slice of mushroom had to […]

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Throwback Thursday Part 15: Karelia Furnishes Cadillac Fairview Corp. Condominium for Chatelaine Magazine, October 1978

February 18th, 2016Categories: Culture, History

Working together with Wilfred Spring, of Switzerland, a master cabinetmaker and interior architect, we developed a very compact, multipurpose space. All furniture and accessories supplied by Karelia.   – Janis Kravis, Architect          

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