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Happy National Day of Sweden! We called up a random Swede… just to chat.

Tuesday (June 6) was the National Day of Sweden (Sveriges nationaldag), celebrated annually on this day to mark both Sweden’s independence from the Kalmar Union in the early 16th century and the nation’s adoption of a new constitution in 1809. How did we decide to celebrate?

Well, did you know that Sweden is the first country in the world with its own phone number? Seriously! You can dial + 46 771 793 336 and get connected to a random Swede; you can talk about anything and ask them anything you want about what things are like over there.

Ina from Sweden

Ina from Sweden

So in honour of the Swedish people (whose food and culture we celebrate daily here at Karelia Kitchen), we thought we’d chat with a Swedish person about what’s up these days in Sweden. We called and were immediately connected with Ina, a delightful young Swedish woman who was busy preparing for her graduation from art school. Then, we asked Ina to send us a pic, so we could put a face to a name. Here she is!

Thanks for chatting with us, Ina.

Did you catch the part where Ina reveals Sweden is in the midst of a taco obsession? Apparently, they like to eat tacos on Fridays. A bit strange, but hey… who doesn’t love a good taco right? Ina answered from Malmö, Sweden’s third-largest city and sixth-largest in the Nordic countries. Besides the Swedish people’s love for tacos, Ina also revealed that Swedish meatballs are one of her favourite local foods. She also reported that it’s 25°C in Sweden today, unseasonably hot for this time of year. Swedes are enjoying the summer warmth and celebrating their country with pride.

Thanks for chatting with us, Ina. We hope you and all of Sweden enjoyed celebrating the National Day of Sweden yesterday!




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