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All about our Smoked Bismarck Herring: info, serving tips, and more

Here’s another mouth-watering gem that’s available packaged from our retail case: Smoked Bismarck Herring. What’s that, you say? Well, read on for the provenance and preparation of this delectable fish. You’ll pick up a few pairing and serving tips too!

Introducing: Smoked Bismark Herring

smoked herring 1Herring, a beautifully rich and oily fish with a savoury, salty flavor, is a staple in the cuisine of Scandinavia and the Baltics. There are many different and versatile herring species, varying in size and fat content. The herring we smoke in-house here at Karelia Kitchen comes from the Canadian east coast. It’s sometimes called “Bismarck” herring when smoked or pickled because apparently Otto von Bismarck liked it a lot! (Want to learn more about the history of herring as a staple in Northern European cuisine? Check out this post.)

How is it made?

Herring is a very versatile dish that can be eaten raw, cooked, fermented, pickled, cured and smoked. At Karelia, our smoked Herring is brined with salt, sugar, onions, and peppercorn (brining makes meat and fish juicier and more flavourful, so of course it’s a must). We then rinse, dry, and smoke the herring to perfection over maple wood. The result is a lightly smoky, sweet, rich, and unique experience for herring lovers.

Smoked herring serving suggestions

You can get our Smoked Bismarck Herring packaged and ready to eat from our in-store retail case. Serve it with some buttered bread and sour cream to bring out the fish’s rich oiliness. Or, season it with curried mayonnaise, red wine, spicy tomato sauce, or mustard mayonnaise. Great herring accompaniments include pickled red onions, dill potatoes, and capers. Yum! Come and get it now!

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