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A Long Weekend Road Trip Playlist by The Tragically Hip

September 3rd, 2016Categories: Culture

Canadian Long Weekends often mean road trips. Great road trips begin with great tunes. Enter stage left: The Tragically Hip. Finally and for decades, a band who fully and completely exemplify, define, and transcend “Canadian Content”. Full Stop.

Much has been written about The Hip this past year. One of the things that comes up often is their lack of achieving commercial success in the United States. Interestingly, it has been observed that often their concerts in the US would be immediately sold out to Canadians. They were always ours…the Americans never had a chance.

Maybe it’s because those who have been lucky enough to get into a Hip show, know that you don’t so much “see” The Hip in concert as “experience” them. I would venture to say the next best thing would be to listen to them in their “natural environment” so to speak.

Barreling down the highway with vignettes of the Canadian landscape blurring past the car window, (careful not to speed, these beats really do drive) over cocktails on the cottage deck watching the sun set, around a camp fire, around a fireplace, out over a lake, definitely in the late afternoon in the golden syrupy northern light……..

Below, submitted for your approval, just a sample of some classic Hip tunes……a soundtrack to the last long weekend of the summer. Courage to all…oh and Grace, Too



Grace, Too

“The secret rules of engagement
Are hard to endorse
When the appearance of conflict
Meets the appearance of force”

Locked In The Trunk Of A Car

“Morning broke out the backside of a truck-stop
The end of a line a real, rainbow-likening, luck stop
Where you could say I became chronologically fucked up”

Blow At High Dough

“Sometimes the faster it gets the less you need to know
But you gotta remember, the smarter it gets, the further it’s gonna go”

Little Bones

“Music, all it’s delicate fear
Is the only thing that don’t change……

They’d say, “Baby eat this chicken slow
it’s full of all them little bones”

Fully Completely

“Either it’ll move me
or it’ll move right through me;
Fully, completely”

Pigeon Camera

This house it has it politics;

38 Years Old

“Same pattern on the table
Same clock on the wall
Been one seat empty, eighteen years in all”


“So there’s no simple explanation
for anything important any of us do
and yea the human tragedy
consists in the necessity
of living with the consequences”


“I do the rolling you do the detail (I do the rolling you do the detail)
I do the rolling you do the detail (I do the rolling you do the detail)”

So Hard Done By

“It’s a monumental big screen K.I.S.S. It’s so deep it’s meaningless.”…

“Just then the stripper stopped in a coughing fit
she said sorry I can’t go on with this”

Long Time Running

“We don’t go anywhere
Just on trips
We haven’t seen a thing
We still don’t know where it is”

New Orleans Is Sinking

“Looked up to the Lord above
and said “hey man thanks.”
Sometimes I feel so good I’ve gotta scream
She said Gordie baby I know exactly what you mean


“I wasn’t sure I was getting through
I gotta go, it’s been a pleasure
doing business with you.”

Wheat Kings

“Late-breaking story on the CBC,
A nation whispers, “we always knew that he’d go free”
They add, “you can’t be fond of living in the past,
cause if you are then there’s no way that you’re gonna last”.


Went back to bed this morning
And as I’m pulling down the blind
The sky was dull and hypothetical
And falling one cloud at a time………

Cause it was in Bobcaygeon where I saw the constellations
Reveal themselves one star at a time

The Last Of The Unplucked Gems

“It’s hard to say, it’s sad but true
I’m kinda dumb and so are you”






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