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Musical Moments In The Kitchen #funky

September 18th, 2016Categories: Brunch, Culture, Music

Sometimes it’s hard to get started on the weekends. You’ve had a long hard week and now you’re on “snooze control”. But, Sunday means you’ve got a ton of non-work related things to do. Funk can help with that.

Chores?……Turn up this playlist made for moving and your laundry won’t know what hit it.
Maybe you’re ooot & aboot…Grab this playlist and you’ll be stepping like a boss (think 70’s pimp strut).
Hanging out with friends?……Set and forget this playlist for a funky chair dancing brunch soundtrack.

Defining the funk music genre is a bit tricky cuz there are so many way it can groove. From R&B, Pop, Soul, Disco, Rock, Psychedelic, Hip Hop…and more. Sure there’s the bass and horns but that’s just a starting point for many artists. Chris Slawecki sums it up nicely here. with a great classic funk primer. In a nut shell he says “you know it when you see it”. I think, you know it when you feel it. Usually that’s somewhere south of your belly button.

Personally I really like my funk with a twist of jazz. Yeah funk can do that too.
So here it is. Can you dig it?


scroll on down to the bottom of this post for your set and forget playlist

Have A Funky Day


The Definition Of Funk

“What is funk…Funk don’t make promise it can’t keep….Funk is the word….
Funk is it’s own reward”

The Inside Man

This next track is a thoroughly instrumental offering with
horns so crisp it’s like a burst of sunshine for your ears!

Express Yourself

“Some people have everything
And other people don’t
But everything don’t mean a thing
If it ain´t the thing you want”

also….drums, drums, drums

Cissy Strut

Another instumental offering here. I like to think of this as “sophisticated funk”
Full of smooth syncopation. Perfect for a strut around town.

Green Onions

Most folks know this little jam even if they don’t know they know it.
Check it out!


Funky jazz at it’s best! These guys were so far ahead of their time
that we’re just starting to catch up. This album was released in 1973
and it took 20 years for them to get played/paid when their tracks
started getting sampled.

“Look around the world see people are dying
All because of greed hate mistrust and lying
People need…More time…Hear me…Everybody…More time”

Jungle Jazz

You had me at the funky flute….oh and also “Get down, get down, get down”

Born To Wander

“‘Cause the wind was my mother
The highway is my brother…….
Turn around and I’ll be gone, gone, gone”

 Anyone Seen The Bridge

Sometimes things get so funky that we lose our way. Can’t find the bridge?
No matter, we’ll take the funky way ’round

 Papa Was A Rolling Stone

This intro alone is worth the price of admission. Sounds like a slow
building storm across a lake with that classic funk baseline and then…..
“It was the 3rd of September”…

Just The Tracks Ma’am!

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