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Alert! Alert! Karelia Kitchen is now available at Fiesta Farms

We’re pleased to announce that the beloved Fiesta Farms grocery store will now be carrying two of Karelia Kitchen’s iconic items: Cold Smoked Salmon and Hot Smoked Trout. You can find these delicious and easy-to-serve items in Fiesta’s meats and fish area, along with the rest of their selection of smoked fish.

Our cold smoked salmon is sourced from the west coast of Vancouver Island and raised without the use of hormones or antibiotics. The smoking is a five-day process of salting, drying, smoking for approximately 14 hours over shaved maple wood before drying some more. Cold smoked salmon is a slow process that happens at around 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

Our trout comes fresh from Cole-Munro hatchery in St. Thomas, Ontario, a family owned operation and one of the oldest hatcheries in Ontario. The fresh trout is brined, dried and hot smoked over maple wood chips. The result is a lightly smoked trout filet with a beautiful richness and flakey moistness.

hot smoked trout

Wowza! Hot smoked trout, straight out of the smoker.

karelia cold smoked salmon 3

Look at that perfectly plump cold smoked salmon. Mmm.








 Meet Fiesta Farms

Fiesta Farms is Toronto’s largest independently owned grocery store and garden centre. Locals love this family-run business that focuses on sourcing ethical groceries that contribute to a sustainable and fair food production system. Fiesta supports local entrepreneurs (like us!) and partners with producers to carry the varied and ethical food stock that Torontonians are looking for.

You can find Fiesta Farms at 200 Christie Street, just a couple blocks north of the Christie Pits park.

Smoked fish serving ideas:

Need some inspiration on how to serve the Cold Smoked Salmon or the Smoked Trout?

The Cold Smoked Salmon has a buttery, silky texture. An obvious choice is to put it on a bagel, or your favourite bread. You can also platter it up with some capers, onions and soft cheese. Or you can pair it with warm steamed buttered vegetables and a light lemon dill sauce.

The Hot Smoked Trout has a beautiful flaky texture, and it’s slightly sweeter and richer than salmon. You can serve it cold, much like the Cold Smoked Salmon, or try it warmed up in your pasta with a cream, tomato or olive oil sauce. You can also enjoy it simply as the protein component of salad, or flake it up and mixing lightly with mayo and chive for a great sandwich.


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