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Get it delivered to the park! A step-by-step guide to using the Foodora app

You may recall that we mentioned our picnic bags can be delivered anywhere by Foodora, including to the middle of a park, if that’s where you are and you’re feeling snacky. Want to know exactly how to order to a park? We’ve got detailed, easy-to-follow instructions right here. (Note: the following instructions pertain to the Foodora app for Android; however, the app is also available for iPhone and the user experience is very similar).

1. Download the Foodora app; optimize the settings

Foodora - Karelia - LocationSearch for “Foodora” in the Google Play Store on Android, or the App Store on an iPhone. Make sure you have enough storage space on your device to download the app. Once the app has downloaded, click “open”.

At this point, the app will ask you for permission to access your storage, location, and telephone functions. These permissions are mandatory for the app to work properly, especially if you want to order to the park, which has no fixed address and therefore must automatically detect your physical location.

Click “Allow”.

2. Drag the map to specify your location

Foodora - Karelia - map navigationYour location is auto-detected by your device and marked by the pink Foodora logo on a tiny blue dot. The location detector will automatically fill in the closest street address in the field above. If you’re in a park, don’t worry if this street address does not correspond to your exact location. The app defaults to selecting a street address even if you are in a non-address space like a park.

If you hold your finger on the screen and drag the map, you will see that the map itself moves, but the Foodora logo stays in the centre of the screen. Drag the map until the Foodora logo has lined up with the location where you would like to receive delivery

In the example to the left, we chose Cedarvale Park, one of Toronto’s largest green spaces. How will our delivery person know exactly where we are? We’ll cover that in Step 4 (see below).

3. Find Karelia Kitchen and select your menu items

Foodora - Karelia - menu orderingOnce you click “See Restaurants in Your Area”, the app will automatically generate a list of nearby places that deliver through Foodora.

You should be able to find Karelia Kitchen easily by scrolling down the list, or you can type “Karelia Kitchen” into the search field (marked by a tiny magnifying glass in the top left corner of the screen).

When you see a menu item you’d like to order, simply swipe your finger to the left and the item will be added to your basket. A pink bar at the bottom of the screen will appear that says “View this cart”; click this when you’ve selected all your menu items and are ready to check out.




4. Provide delivery instructions and check out!

Foodora - Karelia - delivery instructions

Once you enter the Checkout section of the app, you’ll see a field marked “Delivery Instructions (optional)”. Fill this out if you’re requesting delivery to a park. You could provide the GPS coordinates of your exact location, or you could say something like “on the north-east side of Phil White area in Cedarvale Park, just down the hill from the tennis courts.”

Make sure to note down your estimated delivery time when ordering, so you can remember to keep an eye out for your delivery person and wave them down to help them find you.

Delivering a picnic to a park or other non-address area is not an exact science, but with a little bit of clear communication and cooperation, you’ll be able to receive your delicious Karelia Kitchen Picnic Bag without budging!

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