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Fika Part 5: Is that a Cheesecake?

April 18th, 2016Categories: Dessert, Eating, Fika, Menu

Is that…(sigh), cheesecake?

Why yes, yes it is…

The cheesecake served here in the cafe is definitely one of our best selling items from the case, both to dine in or take out. Many regulars seem quite unaware of the other items available as they sally up to the display case to order up. A few to go home? A party? A birthday? Anniversary? What ever the occasion these little guys seem to fit the bill.

In the early days when we first opened we had a special order. The lady was very specific. It had to be a no bake cheesecake. It had to be light and airy. It had to be individually sized and had to incorporate cherries and pistachios (favourite flavours of the birthday recipient). I don’t recall the specifics of the crust. It may have been a standard graham cracker crust.

The lady ordered up six of these, so of course we had to make a couple of dozen. Into the case they went and never left. Unless we were sold-out. Turns out that very specific cake had a very broad appeal.

Over time the cheesecake has undergone many incarnations, usually in response to seasonality. There’s the Cherry-Topped Pistachio Crusted version pictured here. That one is on a pistachio shortbread crust. Also pictured is a Citrus variation topped with candied citrus on a graham crust.


No Bake Cherry-Topped Pistachio Cheesecake

The No Bake Cherry-Topped Pistachio Cheesecake in Question


Citrus Cheesecake

The Citrus Cheesecake


In the fall you may encounter a Pumpkin version and around Christmas there is the home made Egg Nog custard one with Oreo Cookie crust or my favourite, with Roast Chestnut.

What is always the same is the no bake and the lightness and airiness, individually sized but perfect for sharing.

If you don’t see your favourite flavour just wait. It’ll swing back around. Or try one of these…you might just find a new favourite.

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