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Category: Smokehouse

All about our Smoked Bismarck Herring: info, serving tips, and more

Here’s another mouth-watering gem that’s available packaged from our retail case: Smoked Bismarck Herring. What’s that, you say? Well, read on for the provenance and preparation of this delectable fish. You’ll pick up a few pairing and serving tips too! Introducing: Smoked Bismark Herring Herring, a beautifully rich and oily fish with a savoury, salty flavor, is […]

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smoked bismarck herring karelia header

Alert! Alert! Karelia Kitchen is now available at Fiesta Farms

We’re pleased to announce that the beloved Fiesta Farms grocery store will now be carrying two of Karelia Kitchen’s iconic items: Cold Smoked Salmon and Hot Smoked Trout. You can find these delicious and easy-to-serve items in Fiesta’s meats and fish area, along with the rest of their selection of smoked fish. Our cold smoked salmon is sourced […]

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Fiesta Farms and salmon header

Yum! Get to know the Smoked Hunter Sausage

Hunter Sausage is on the brunch menu, and it’s available packaged (fully smoked and cooked), ready to serve! What can’t it do? Our mouth-watering all-pork Hunter Sausage is truly the belle of the ball, and we want to give you a little bit of background about where this delicious sausage comes from and how it came to […]

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hunter sausage brunch


May 20th, 2016Categories: Smokehouse, Take Out

Gravlax is the most talked about non-smoked item in our retail case. Our gravlax is featured in only one dish on the café menu, but that’s enough to keep it flying out of the case. It’s not that unusual that after someone has had the Potato Pancake dish from our brunch menu, they start looking […]

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Hot Smoked Rainbow Trout

May 18th, 2016Categories: Smokehouse

Besides our cold smoked salmon, the hot smoked rainbow trout has got to be our most requested smokehouse item. Which is interesting as it is featured on only one dish in the café, our brunch menu potato pancake.   The fish comes fresh from Cole-Munro hatchery in St. Thomas, Ontario, a family owned operation and […]

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Smoked Whitefish

May 18th, 2016Categories: Menu, Smokehouse

Smoked whitefish is both a Scandinavian and a Canadian classic. We use local Lake Huron Whitefish filets, brined and hot smoked over maple wood chips. The result is a delicately smoky and flakey treat. This is a tremendously popular smokehouse item, but it doesn’t have a specific home on the café menu. One of the […]

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Smoked Salmon Tartare

May 13th, 2016Categories: Eating, Menu, Smokehouse

One of the most popular items here in the café, the Smoked Salmon Tartare is also available to go. A delicious blend of our own cold smoked Atlantic salmon and fresh salmon, this is definitely a crowd pleaser. Although similar in principle, this dish is not to be confused with Steak Tartare, the classic of […]

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Hot Smoked vs. Cold Smoked: The Battle of the Smoked Salmon

Since our beginnings, Karelia Kitchen has been known for our smoked salmon. The whole process begins with selecting the finest farmed Atlantic salmon we can source. Our salmon comes from the west coast of Vancouver Island. These fish are raised without hormones or antibiotics. Our smoked salmon (like all of our smoked products) is fresh, and […]

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Take it Outside!

May 4th, 2016Categories: Eating, Menu, Smokehouse

Many of you already know this, but for the uninitiated, this is just a reminder that the core of what we do here at Karelia Kitchen is our smokehouse. Leif is the master of smoke. You can read more about him here in one of our previous blog posts. The café really exists to showcase all […]

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Smokehouse Platter

The Smokehouse Platter – Assembled Before Your Eyes

October 7th, 2015Categories: Menu, Smokehouse

Check out this time-lapse video of a Smokehouse Platter being assembled, right before your eyes! If you’ve never been to Karelia Kitchen before, there’s no better way to get to know us than to try out our #SmokehousePlatter. Everything on the platter is smoked or pickled in-house. There’s smoked salmon, smoked trout, smoke pork loin, […]

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