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Category: Dessert

Come and get it! There’s a delicious treat at the Bloordale Laneway Crawl

Attention, fun-loving and food-loving Torontonians: this coming Saturday, June 11, the Laneway Project will partner with the Bloordale Community Improvement Association for the annual Bloordale Laneway Crawl, which aims to highlight Bloordale’s back-alley laneways as positive and fun urban spaces for the whole neighbourhood to enjoy. A variety of businesses will be offering food, live music, arts & […]

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Strawberry Ice Cream with Lingonberry Jam

Fika Part 8: Princess Cake

April 28th, 2016Categories: Culture, Dessert, Fika, Scandinavia

The princess cake is the defining cake of Sweden. This beauty can be found colouring the window displays of bakeries throughout the country. Appearing to defy the laws of physics, the princess cake or (prinsesstårta) makes quite a statement. A relatively recent addition to Sweden’s culinary history, the princess cake debuted in the 1920s, courtesy […]

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Fika Part 7: World’s Best Cake a.k.a. Blitz Torte a.k.a. Norway’s National Cake!

April 25th, 2016Categories: Dessert, Eating, Fika, History, Menu

  First lets take a moment to consider the magical land of Norway where people so highly regard cake as to have a “National Cake”. Now it gets better cuz in 2002 when the Norwegians voted Kvæfjordkake their national cake they also saw fit to bestow upon this gem the additional tile of Verdens Beste […]

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Fika Part 6: Saffron Cake

April 20th, 2016Categories: Dessert, Fika, Scandinavia

One thing that surprises many North Americans when they first come into the kitchen is the use of spices, particularly in the desserts case. There is a great tradition for the use of spice all throughout Scandinavia and the Baltics, and if you think about the Vikings as the first spice traders–traveling everywhere, bringing spices […]

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Fika Part 5: Is that a Cheesecake?

April 18th, 2016Categories: Dessert, Eating, Fika, Menu

Is that…(sigh), cheesecake? Why yes, yes it is… The cheesecake served here in the cafe is definitely one of our best selling items from the case, both to dine in or take out. Many regulars seem quite unaware of the other items available as they sally up to the display case to order up. A […]

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Fika Part 4: Black Fig Jelly Roll

April 14th, 2016Categories: Dessert, Fika, Menu, Scandinavia

It’s worth noting at this point that all the sweet treats in this month’s Fika Files are all made in-house at Karelia Kitchen. We have some staples in the case (things you are likely to find regularly) but we also have a pretty big repertoire of special/seasonal items that come and go according to our […]

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jelly roll

Fika Part 3: Dobos Torte

April 11th, 2016Categories: Culture, Dessert, Eating, Fika, History, Scandinavia

As with many classic European cakes, this one takes it name from its inventor, Jozsef Dobos. The Dobos torte was first introduced in 1885; Franz Joseph I, Emperor of Austria and his Empress Elisabeth were among the first to taste it. It quickly became a favourite throughout Europe and remains so to this day. Here […]

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Fika Part 2: Coffee

April 8th, 2016Categories: Dessert, Eating, Fika, History, Menu, Scandinavia

With Starbucks culture on the rise and our enduring love of our own Tim Hortons, it’s hard to believe that Canadians aren’t right near the top when it comes to world-wide coffee consumption. Truth is we do o.k., coming in 12th. The Scandinavian countries dominate a few lists – gender equality, happiness, and (drumroll) annual […]

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French Pressed Coffee

Fika Part 1: Cookies!

April 7th, 2016Categories: Culture, Dessert, Eating, Fika, Menu

So you’ve decided to fika but sweater weather is almost (finally!) over and you don’t want to make the commitment to a whole slice of cake? Why not just have a cookie…or maybe a platter of cookies? During the 1900s in Sweden, it became customary for women to gather for kafferep, a tradition like English […]

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Assorted Cookies

Pulla Bread and Cardamom Rolls

February 26th, 2016Categories: Dessert, Eating, Menu

Our Pulla Bread and Cardamom Rolls are baked in-house and follow a similar recipe. The key in both cases is the cardamom that’s added to the dough. It’s not entirely dissimilar in flavour to cinnamon, but Scandinavians tend to prefer cardamom for its earthier, less cloying taste.   The Pulla Bread is sweet, but less […]

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