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The Spice Trader Dinner with Allison Johnson – Wed. Sept. 14, 7.00pm

As the summer heat waves come to an end, we’ll be waving back by spicing up September. Allison Johnson owner of The Spice Trader Toronto’s first organic spice shop will be our guest speaker and guide for an intimate, informative and delicious evening focused on the spices often used in Scandinavian cuisine. Global Supremacy Wasn’t Always […]

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An Evening with Jason Tetro: A Special Dinner Event at Karelia Kitchen – Wednesday April 20th, 7:00pm

There Are Germs Among Us! Let’s talk about the 99%. No, not the economic class of which most of us belong, the 99.9% of beneficial or benign microorganisms that surround us, interact with us, live in symbiosis with us, and in many cases, perform some key biological functions on our behalf. Probiotics are all the […]

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Getting to Know Donna

December 24th, 2015Categories: History, Our Approach

If you’ve been following the posts we’ve been doing recently, you may remember a post from a while back entitled “Getting to Know Leif”, in which Leif talked about the Karelia Kitchen philosophy, and his own history with food. Lest you think that Karelia is a one person show, this week we’re presenting a little […]

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Don’t You Know I’m Local?!: Lake Erie Farms Lettuce

November 25th, 2015Categories: Eating, Menu, Our Approach

As much as possible, we try to source our ingredients locally. We’re not willing to sacrifice quality, but southern Ontario has some of the best agricultural land in North America, so there’s plenty of great local food to choose from. Given that there is so much good, sustainably grown food practically on our doorstep, we […]

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Sugar and Salt

October 23rd, 2015Categories: Eating, History, Our Approach, Scandinavia, Uncategorized

Salt is an essential part of our diet. Without it our cells could not function properly. In times past salt was often worth it’s weight in gold and it has been used to flavour and preserve food for millennia. Both sugar and salt exhibit hygroscopic tendencies, meaning that they hold and attract water. It is […]

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An assortment of sweet and savoury foods

Getting to Know Leif

October 22nd, 2015Categories: History, Our Approach

When we started Karelia Kitchen, I’d been working at an East End restaurant for a couple of years and had been developing my recipes and techniques for our core smoked products for about ten years. I started trying to make some of the products I had seen and helped my grandfather make.   Opaps Arvids was […]

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Song Du Jour – DJ Donna’s Playlists

October 16th, 2015Categories: Culture, Our Approach

I’m often asked about the music we play at Karelia Kitchen. People want to know what a song is. Sometimes people want to know why we play so many different kinds of music, when otherwise the theme of our restaurant is so thoroughly Scandinavian Smokehouse. I always have trouble giving any kind of succinct answer. […]

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The Doings of Donna, Part 1: The Icing on the Cake

October 14th, 2015Categories: Dessert, Menu, Our Approach

Donna Ashley is 1/2 of Karelia Kitchen’s executive chef team. She’s a seasoned veteran of the line, having worked at restaurants all over and in the galleys of ocean-faring ships. These days, you’ll most likely find Donna up front, getting to know her patrons or in the basement, crafting her magnificent pastries. In this series, […]

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